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A Better Medway service guide

Our health improvement service guide gives information about our free healthy lifestyle services, programmes and support they can access in the local area.

The service guide is a 24 page colour booklet; containing photos, contact info, healthy tips and interviews about all of the services provided by A Better Medway; including healthy eating projects, exercise programmes, stop smoking support, sexual health advice, alcohol advice and more.

If you would like to request a hard-copy to be posted to you, contact us via email.


Medway Overweight and Obesity Care Pathway

In order to ensure that appropriate advice is offered by health professionals to overweight and obese clients, a multi-organisational and professional steering group were established in 2013, to design a treatment care pathway. Clients access this pathway when they either raise the issue of their weight with a professional, or their weight status is recorded within a routine appointment and the professional raises the issue with them. The pathway is only appropriate if the individual has a weight loss or maintenance goal, as it is highly unlikely that they will be successful in any weight reduction or maintenance, if they are not motivated to do so.

Hard copies of the pathway were distributed to a wide range of health professionals when originally printed, however it is recognised that details within the Adult and Children Service Pyramids (pages 6 and 9) are subject to change, as local services are added or stopped. The following link will provide an up to date version of the pathway document, where any changes to the services listed, will be made as soon as they are confirmed.

If you would like to request a hard-copy to be posted to you, please contact us via email.


Training Directory

Our Training Directory gives information about the many nationally recognised, accredited courses available from the Medway Health Improvement Team.

The Training Directory contains information about all the courses offered, including what you will learn on the course and essential information such as the course duration and contact details to make bookings. Most sessions are fully funded by Medway Public Health and there is no charge for attending the A Better Medway Champions programme.

If you would like to request a hard copy to be posted to you, contact us via email.



The strategies below aim to improve the health and wellbeing of local people:

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