Illegal Alcohol


illegal alcohol



Illegal alcohol is often counterfeited or smuggled and produced in unregulated, unhygienic distilleries.

Counterfeit alcohol:

  • poses a significant health risk if drunk- it can cause dizziness, breathing difficulties, blindness, coma and even death;
  • has been found to contain high levels of methanol which is used to make anti-freeze.

Methanol is a nondrinking type of alcohol used for industrial and automotive purposes. It is also found in a number of household products including varnishes, antifreeze, windscreen wash, and fuel for model aircraft.

things to look out for



  • Low quality labelling
  • Bottles not filled to the same level
  • Unusual smell
  • Is often sold very cheaply, from the back of a van or someone dealing in cash  

To report illegal alcohol you can call 01634 334455 or complete our online form.

You can also find out more about fake and counterfeited tobacco by visiting our illegal tobacco page or viewing our illegal sales leaflet.

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