Breastfeeding volunteers

Medway Breastfeeding Network is looking for mums who can spare their time and energy to support local mums to breastfeed.  Volunteers are working with the Network in roles which include admin duties and peer supporters.

To become a peer supporter you will need to be a good listener, sympathetic and able to give simple information to support mums’ choices.

  • Help make breastfeeding a normal, enjoyable everyday experience
  • Listen to women’s breastfeeding experiences
  • Help reassure mums to feel more confident
  • Provide accurate and up to date information
  • Work alongside health professionals


Peer Supporters are local mums who have breastfed at least one child for 6 months. You will take part in an accredited training programme, receive on-going development and supervision. The training offers the opportunity to:

  • Improve your listening and communication skills
  • Explore personal breastfeeding experiences and values
  • Increase knowledge of how breastfeeding works
  • Use the knowledge and skills gained to support women through their breastfeeding experience
  • Make friends with other like-minded mums

Training will be for 2 hours a week for 11 weeks with continuing supervision sessions once a month after that.  Once trained you can volunteer with your children, at hours that suit you.


Volunteers speak to women and their families in a wide variety of settings including:

  • Breastfeeding Drop-ins
  • Children’s Centre sessions
  • Child Health Clinics
  • Hospital postnatal ward
  • Telephone
  • Antenatal sessions

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