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MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!) is a free 10-week healthy
lifestyle programme helping children and their families lead happier,
healthier lives. Developed by experts in child health, MEND is for
families with children aged up to 13-years-old. If you live or go to school in Medway, why not join us by following the links below.

MEND programmes offer a fun and creative environment for families to learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices and ensure their children have the best possible start in life.

Three MEND programmes run in Medway:

  • The MEND 2-4 programme is for children aged between two and four-years-old. It helps families deal with fussy eating and encourages children to eat a wider variety of foods. Sessions take place during the daytime in children’s centres and community venues across Medway.
  • The MEND 5-7 programme is for children aged between five and seven-years-old who are above a healthy weight for their age. The programme helps families develop healthier habits and sets goals and rewards to encourage healthy behaviours.
  • The MEND 7-13 programme is aimed at children aged between 7 and 13-years-old who are above a healthy weight for their age. The sessions allow families to explore healthy behaviours while having fun, being active, boosting confidence and self esteem. Sessions are run after school and use fun games, exercises and theory to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Mend 2-4 is open to all families living in Medway with children aged between 2 and 4 years to enjoy. 

Mend 5-7 and Mend 7-13 programmes have restricted access and are only available for children living in Medway, who are above a healthy weight for their age and are aged between 5 and 13 years.

When registering it is important to know your child’s height and weight before starting the programme. You can do this at home or ask your GP Surgery or School Nurse.

MEND Graduates

Once children have graduated from a MEND programme, they have access to a range of exclusive healthy lifestyle services to help them maintain the changes they have made. The MEND graduates scheme includes monthly activity sessions, holiday events, trips and even discounts on local services.
Click here to find out more about being a MEND graduate.


For more information

  • Phone: 01634 333 741
  • Email:
  • Online: Change4Life has loads of small, easy steps you can make to help your family lead a healthier lifestyle. Visit the website and sign up to get your own action plan and Change4life freebies! 

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