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It can take a while to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public – many mums worry about exposing too much, particularly during the early days when they may feel awkward while learning this new skill, but most women actually show much less than they think they do.

There are ways to feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public, including spending time at one of our Medway Breastfeeding Network Drop-ins.

Breastfeed in confidence and don’t feel you should apologise or feel guilty if someone takes offence, you are now protected by the law. Following on from the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal to ‘treat a women unfavourably because she is breastfeeding’ so it is now against the law to ask a women to move if she is breastfeeding her child.

You are welcome to breastfeed in all the libraries, Children’s Centres and Healthy Living Centres and GPs across Medway.

Tips on feeding in public

  1. Come along to a Breastfeeding Medway Network drop-in where you can get the support and information to enable you to gain confidence in a safe environment, and see how other mums do it!
  2. Try wearing two strappy tops, using a muslin or shawl, wearing a large cardigan or using a specialist breastfeeding cover
  3. If you are nervous try sitting in a booth, quiet corner or at a table facing a wall to shield you from others, or go out with a supportive friend or partner until you feel comfortable
  4. Head out to one of our Breastfeeding Welcome venues listed on this website
  5. Remember you are doing a great job.

These locations have been recommended by local mums as 'Breastfeeding Friendly', and supply a range of facilities to assist you as a guest - including single/double buggy access, baby changing-rooms and play areas. Facilities may vary at different venues.

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