Medway School Food Vision

The Medway School Food Vision is for all Medway schools to aspire to the national School Food Plan standard of providing flavourful, fresh food served by friendly, fulfilled cooks in financially-sound school kitchens. With:

• At least 70% of children eating tasty and nutritious school meals.

• No child going hungry.

• School cooks who are happy, confident, skilled and motivated.

• Schools taking a ‘whole school approach’ to food, with creative collaborations between head teachers, school cooks, children, teachers, governors and parents.

• Children who know how to feed themselves well, and who enjoy cooking and growing both at school and at home.

• School kitchens that are financially viable, enjoying a virtuous cycle of higher take-up, better quality and lower price.

In addition to this national vision, Medway school food partners want to ensure that school meals are affordable, and the school meal is a positive eating experience for all. Ensuring that schools are recognised for their good practice, which is shared to drive up standards for all. The longer term vision will be achieved by aiming for a 5% increase in uptake of school meals every year.


If you are a school and would like to know more about Medway School Food vision, please contact or call 01634 333710


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