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Staying Connected


Staying Connected - Information and support for older people in Medway


Staying connected


Good relationships are fundamental to our mental and physical health. Evidence  and research shows that social isolation or feeling lonely can be as bad for our health as smoking, drinking or poor diet. Feeling connected to other people and our community can help keep us well and reduce the risk of developing illnesses such as depression or dementia. Medway Council Public Health are launching an updated version of Stay Connected, an information booklet for people over the age of 55. The booklet captures a wealth of social opportunities and agencies that can help older people stay connected within Medway. We hope this booklet will be useful by letting you know what is happening in your local area and how you can get support to join in.

The booklet is designed to be printed in A5 booklet format where possible.

Staying connected

The Medway Citizens Portal  also provides information about activities available in Medway for older people.


Staying Connected is not always easy

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships you are not the only one. Relate Medway offers you a service.
They listen to you and help you to listen to each other.
They work to understand you and help you understand each other offering alternative perspectives towards reaching the best resolution possible. Contact Relate Medway on 01634 380038


Experienced bereavement and struggling to cope ?

Medway Cruise Bereavement Service offer a free confidential bereavement support service .

Contact 01622 671011 10am-12.30pm Monday to Friday.

Connect with Peer groups

Meeting with people who have experienced similar things as you helps us to mutually support each other .

Connect with peer groups

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