Sexual Health Landing 

Why sexual health matters

People generally like to feel healthy; they eat well to lose a bit of weight, they give up smoking to cough and splutter less, they take up hobbies to keep their mind active, they drink alcohol in moderation so they can grow older and enjoy life… but how do we look after our sexual health? Why is it important?

Sex covers a very large part of our lives, it can identify who we are with our gender and sexual orientation. Physical sex affects us physically and mentally, the act of sex may leave us feeling secure and loved or it may leave us feeling hurt and vulnerable or anywhere between.

In the same way we look after other aspects of our health we need to give some attention to sexual health otherwise sexual ill-health or even an unplanned pregnancy can suddenly become part of our lives.

On these pages you can find out about some of the issues people who live in Medway face and the services that are available to help you look after your sexual health. The internet is full of advice and opinions on sex so we have pulled together a list of websites you can go to and know that you will be getting good and trustworthy advice.

If you have any thoughts about sexual health or sexual health services in Medway we would like to hear them. 

You can contact the Public Health Sexual Health Programme Manager at

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