Did you know? - General information

  • There are over 4000 toxic chemicals in every cigarette, 60 of these we know cause cancer.
  • 70% of the Tar inhaled from a cigarette stays lodged in the lungs.
  • 600 Million Trees are destroyed ever year for tobacco production and it takes 1 tree to cure just 300 cigarettes.
  • 95% of users relapse after just 1 puff of a cigarette.
  • 450 Children take up smoking every day in the UK.
  • 80% of smokers started before the age of 19.
  • Only 21% of the UK population currently smokes.
  • Smoking damages a small valve in the penis; consequently 120,000 British men in their 30’s and 40’s are impotent due to their habit.
  • 480 people die every year in Medway because of smoking.
  • Smoking increases stress: Nicotine is a stimulant causing an imbalance in brain chemicals. A smoker can feel more stressed during periods without a cigarette. However relief and mood improvement is short lived after having a cigarette. 
  • Smoking increases cholesterol
  • Smoking can cause infertility in men and women
  • Smoking can cause premature greying or hair loss
  • Roll ups, Menthol and Low Tar cigarettes are no better for you than standard ready made cigarettes. They contain exactly the same amount of tobacco therefore the same 4000 toxic chemicals.
  • Medway Stop Smoking Service has helped over 10,000 local people to quit smoking.

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