Meet our Pregnancy Advisers


Kelly is a specialist pregnancy adviser for the Medway Stop Smoking Service and has worked with the service for two and a half years.
She works within the community on a 1:1 basis to help pregnant ladies stop smoking.  
'I enjoy being able to help people and to help make a difference to a woman’s health during this special time in their life.'
Kelly offers a friendly, non-judgemental service to women who may be scared to admit they are still smoking during their pregnancy and uses a combination of tailored support and nicotine replacement therapy to help you achieve your goal.



“I have worked for Medway Stop Smoking Service for just under a year. I currently run a pilot project which provides a home visit service to pregnant clients and their family members  who want some support to give up smoking.
I am very passionate about health, and enjoy being able to help others.

The best part about the job is being able to help someone quit smoking when they really didn’t think they would be able to do it, and they have genuinely surprised themselves.”



Maria is a Specialist Pregnancy Stop Smoking Advisor at Medway Stop Smoking Service where she helps local pregnant smokers on a full-time basis.

She qualified as a Midwife and then accepted a position as a Health Improvement Practitioner for Pregnancy in 2014.

On her motivations for her work, Maria comments “I love my job! I enjoy helping families understand some of the effects of smoking during their pregnancy, and helping them to make a positive life change. Many of the ladies I see have smoked for many years, and have never considered giving up.  

Here’s Maria’s top tip for quitting:
“Remind yourself every day why you have chosen to give up smoking. Change your routine: instead of getting up and having a cuppa, jump straight in the shower. You might even find it useful to take up a new hobby, or re-visit an old one. Giving up smoking is a great time to treat yourself. I always tell my ladies to put all the money they would normally spend on cigarettes in a jar. You’ll be amazed how much money you’ve saved by the end of your pregnancy- one of my ladies even bought her baby’s pram with the money she saved!”















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