Stop smoking service

Medway Stop Smoking Service is a specialist team whose main role is to help local people to quit smoking.

We offer a range of free support options across Medway at a time and place to suit you. We recognise that every smoker is different and we make time to listen to your specific needs.

Making the decision to go smoke-free is a huge step. The fact you are thinking about this is a great leap forward and will stand you in good stead to complete your journey. Our role is to:

  • Help you plan an approach that suits your lifestyle
  • Help you reduce the intensity of any cravings
  • Prepare you for some of the changes your body goes through when you quit and the benefits that come with these changes
  • Be available to answer your questions and provide extra support if you need it
  • Encourage you to achieve your goal

Some smokers can quit at their first attempt. Others will need to try lots of times before they are successful. Some smokers quit and then relapse so need to come back and give it another go.

Every quit attempt will help you to understand what works for you and how you might want to change something next time around.

We welcome all smokers, even if they have already used the service before. We also help people who are using e-cigarettes to stop smoking or to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke.

For the most up-to-date list of when and where your closest course is, please call the team today on 0800 234 6805 / 01634 334800 or see our Book an Appointment page.

Our service is

  • Local and free of charge.
  • Completely confidential, friendly, supportive and non-judgemental. We know how hard it can be to quit.
  • Able to provide patches, gum and other products to help you quit.
  • Geared to helping you prepare and manage the stresses that can come with quitting smoking.
  • Already successful in helping people like you to quit.

Contact us for more information

Phone: 0800 234 6805 / 01634 334800
SMS: Text Quit to 81025

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