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Medway Smolefree Homes


Smokefree Homes Pledge

You can protect children from secondhand smoke by pledging to make both your home and car smokefree!

Make a pledge online or call 01634 337169.

A smokefree pack will be sent to everyone who makes a pledge. This pack includes various resources for you to use (including a carbon monoxide detector & car air freshener) and a certificate that you can proudly display.
For local support to quit smoking visit our Stop Smoking page.


Abbey from Strood made her home & car smokefree:

Me and my husband decided to remove smoking from inside our home and car to protect our four year old daughter. We also asked family and friends visiting over Christmas not to smoke in our house.

Since making a pledge I found myself automatically cutting down the number of cigarettes I smoked and decided to quit smoking completely just in time for Christmas. I also managed to put £40 a week in our savings for a holiday.

My advice to others is: ‘Think of your children, the health benefits and how much money you can save!’

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