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This is a product that originates from the Middle East and is smoked through a water pipe. It usually contains tobacco along with molasses and flavourings. 

Some people choose to smoke shisha in their own home whilst others will go to a shisha bar and may share a waterpipe with friends. 

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Ten Facts About Shisha:

  • It is as harmful as smoking cigarettes
  • Fruit flavours disguise the harmful tobacco in shisha
  • Smoking shisha through water does not filter out dangerous toxins or nicotine

  • Shisha smoking in pregnancy harms the unborn baby by restricting oxygen supply, which is essential for growth and development

  • During one hour of shisha smoking you will inhale up to 200 times the smoke from one cigarette

  • Breathing second-hand shisha smoke poses serious health risks

  • Sharing a shisha mouthpiece can spread diseases such as tuberculosis, oral herpes and hepatitis

  • Shisha tobacco contains highly addictive nicotine

  • Smoking shisha increases your risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and respiratory disease

  • The charcoal used to heat tobacco in the shisha pipe increases the health risks by producing high levels of carbon monoxide, metals, and other cancer-causing chemicals


  • Tobacco free shisha is NOT a safe alternative. You will still inhale dangerous levels of carbon monoxide as this is produced when anything burns, as well as a mixture of other toxic chemicals.
  • It is an offense to sell any tobacco product – including shisha products – to anyone under the age of 18.
  • Shisha is often illegally imported without payment of UK duty and tax. From 1st January 2014, tobacco-free shisha became subject to Tobacco Products Duty. 


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