Smokeless Tobacco Products

Smokeless Tobacco Products

Such products are often illegally imported, avoid paying duty and have inadequate health warning labels so users may not be aware of the risks.

  • Dry Snuff – a fine tobacco powder that is sniffed
  • Paan Masala – a betel leaf filled with a mix of tobacco, areca nut, slaked lime and flavouring sucked or chewed – often served (to all age groups) after meals

  NOTE: Areca nut is also known to cause cancer as well as poor dental health.

  • Gutkha – a powdery mix of betel nut, tobacco and flavourings (often lime) held in the mouth and chewed
  • Nass (naswar, niswar) – a mix of tobacco, other seeds and or fibres and a paste or gum to create balls held in the mouth and sometimes chewed
  • Beedi (sometimes spelt Bidi) – thin Indian cigarettes made of tobacco wrapped in tendu leaves.
  • Blunts – ‘do-it-yourself’ cigar kits                     
  • Creamy snuff or Gul – a tobacco toothpaste
  • Khani, Mishri, Zarda – oral products

There is a common, but false perception that smokeless tobacco products are a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco users may also falsely believe that these products aid digestion, freshen breath and relieve dental pain.

Smokeless tobacco products deliver nicotine and cause addiction. Because these products are chewed or sucked these products are linked with:

  • Cancer - rates of mouth and throat cancer are highest in South Asian communities and are directly linked to oral tobacco use
  • Poor dental health
  • Bad breath and discolouration of teeth
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Harm to unborn baby if used during pregnancy


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