Preventing uptake


Preventing uptake

The decision to start smoking is a complex one. Influence of family and friends is key.

If you are a parent, a grandparent, or someone who works closely with young people you can play an important role in influencing their decision by giving a clear, consistent message that smoking is harmful, highly addictive and expensive.

Read these tips to help you prevent children starting to smoke:

  • Make your home a smokefree zone
  • Don’t feel like a hypocrite if you smoke. Share your first hand knowledge of why not to start smoking
  • Encourage involvement in sport from an early age – lots of young people tell us they choose healthy lifestyles because they love their sport and being active
  • If sport isn’t their thing, encourage young people to join other clubs and develop hobbies. Smoking can be a symptom of boredom
  • If you smoke, consider getting help to quit, or swapping cigarettes for nicotine replacements when children are around
  • If you know that a young person is getting hold of cigarettes, try to find out where from. Report anyone selling to under 18’s
  • Support young people who smoke to get help to quit - the proper treatments really do help and they’re safe and legal for over 12’s.

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