Underage sales

Underage sales

Children in Medway should be able to grow up without an addiction to smoking. We rely on people selling tobacco to act responsibly and protect children by not selling to under 18's.     

Suspicious sales

  • Sales of cigarettes from someone’s house are usually illegal or counterfeit.
  • These sellers are often linked to criminal gangs and sell other illegal products such as drugs or illegal alcohol.

Playground sales

  • Young people also tell us that they buy from other children, for example at school. Often young people spend their dinner money on cigarettes.

Adults who buy for children

  • When a person who is over 18 buys age-restricted products like tobacco or alcohol for someone who is under 18 we call it a Proxy Purchase.
  • A young person may approach you outside of a shop, asking you to buy cigarettes with their money. Saying no really does help to save young people from becoming addicted. Young people tell us that if no one buys cigarettes for them after a while, they give up trying.

Parents who buy for children

  • Some parents buy cigarettes for their children. Some say they would rather know where they are getting their cigarettes and how much they are smoking.
  • The fact is that all cigarettes and tobacco are lethal products.
  • Young people may seem grateful at the time, but many look back and are angry with their parents for making it easier for them to smoke.  

If you know a shop, a private address or a person in Medway who is selling tobacco products to under 18’s you should tell Trading Standards confidentially by calling the 24/7 hotline on 01634 334455 or complete our online form.

Under age sales





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