Standardised Packaging

Standardised Packaging

All tobacco packaging on sale in the UK will be standardised from 20 May 2017!

Standardised packs have been appearing in Medway retailers since 20 May 2016 so you may have already seen then. Starting on 20th May 2017 there will be no more colourful and eye catching cigarette packets on sale in the UK. 

Cigarette packets will look like this:

Standardised packagingImage sourced from ASH (04/01/16)


  • Two thirds of smokers start before they are 18 (1)
  • To reduce the appeal of smoking to children (2)
  • To increase the impact of health warnings (3)
  • To reduce misleading information about the harms of smoking (3)

For more information visit Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

We have also designed a leaflet for retailers in Medway to ensure they're up-to-date with all tobacco regulations - 'Tobacco Issues: A Guide for Medway Retailers'.


Standardised Packaging image 1

Standardised packaging


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